Return & Refund Policy



Exchange Policy

1. General

a. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and hope you like our products as much as we do. However, it is important to read our Return and Exchange policy before making any purchase. We take pride in our products and service and we value our relationship with you. Our goal is to make the return process as simple as possible to make sure you feel good and experience a comfortable online shopping with us.

b.We constantly ensure that the products we sell are of the highest quality. In order to provide excellent service, we will make sure all products are in good condition before packing and dispatch.

c.We reserve the right to make amendments to this policy without prior notice.


2. Return

a. Returns are possible if unfortunately the items ordered are:

 i. Wrongly sent

ii. Faulty / defective

iii. Out of stock

b. For above (i) and (ii) please submit pictures

c. If an item is faulty, wrongly described or different from the sample shown then we will meet our obligations which may include refunding the purchase price and shipping charges, or providing a replacement product, provided the item is returned within 7 days.

d. Returned items must be unworn, unwashed, unaltered, with all of the tags intact and in their original packaging. 

e. If the products have been used or damaged, there will not be any refund.

f. We take no responsibility for returned items that do not reach us, i.e., lost during the return transit.

g. After verification of the returned item(s), a refund or replacement will be arranged within 3 -10 working days.


3. Minor defects

a. Minor defects like a broken zipper, loose thread, etc which can be fixed by the buyer, we will reimburse the cost accordingly.

b. However, it is always our objective to ensure all items are in good condition before shipment.


4. Sizing (Clothing)

a. We understand the concern about SIZEs especially those who are new to online shopping. If the clothing you order is the incorrect size, we are happy to exchange the item as long as it is in new condition, unused and unworn with the tag intact.

b. Due to size differences between different designers, manufacturers, and markets, the size you normally wear need not necessarily be the Standard for selecting clothing online or even in a physical store.

c. When buying online for clothing, you must know your own body measurements and compare them with the Size Chart of each design. Therefore before choosing your size, we recommend you take a look at the size chart of the item(s) you are interested to make sure you are choosing the best size for your measurements.

d. It is advisable to choose ‘rather large than small’ size out of the vital statistics. This makes it easier to do a slight alteration should you prefer or decide to modify later.


5. Exchange Conditions
The following are the Exchange conditions:

a. Returned items must be unworn, unwashed, unaltered, with all of the tags intact and in their original packaging. 

b. Subject to stock availability, i.e., size, color, etc. You may wish to check the item(s) availability (same or different design) online. We will reserve once you notify us.

c. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

d. For all returns, the cost of shipping will be borne by the buyer (except conditions as stated in 2 a)

e. We will accept exchange for Standard Online Pricing merchandise only (which are normally 20% less Retail or Market Price), except for further discounted merchandise such as Clearance, Sale and Best Value, and Aromatherapy products.


6. Exchange Notification

a. Please contact us either by EMAIL or FB Inbox (No Whatsapp) within 3 days of receiving your order, failing which your request will not be entertained.

b. After verifying and agreed upon the item(s) to be returned and/or exchanged, buyers must return the item(s) in good conditions as in 4 (a), within 7 days of receiving. Failing which the request is invalid. 

c."Please return by courier service only"  and provide tracking reference for the return.

d.Once we have received the returned products, exchanges will be processed within 3 - 10 working days.

e.We will not be responsible should there be a delay in shipping which may not meet your expected date of receiving, i.e., function or during festive season, etc


7. Contact us

a. If for any other reason you are still not satisfied with the purchase please email us within 3 days of receiving your order.

b. For complaint or order checking, kindly DO NOT send SMS. Please contact us by email or by phone for general inquiries during office hours.


FB Message:




1. 前言

a. 我們希望您能滿意您所購買的產品,並希望你會和我們一樣喜歡我們的產品。然而在購買前,請您務必閲讀我們的退貨換貨政策。我們十分珍惜您的購買與支持,所以此目地是能讓整個退貨換貨流程簡單,以確保您能在良好的服務與環境下有個美好的網購體驗。

b. 以便能為您提供優良的服務,在出貨前,我們會確保所出售的產品為最高品質,所有產品都將檢驗後才會發貨。

c. 對此政策我們保留不事先通知的情況下作出修訂的權利。


2. 退貨


i. 處理程序之錯誤導致誤寄,寄貨與訂購單不合。

ii. 產品有明顯瑕疵或已損壞。

iii. 該項商品缺貨

b. 以上(i)(ii)需要拍照提交

c. 基於以上的理由,我們將依責任包括退還購買金額和運費,或提供更換產品,但必須在七天内把產品退回。

d. 但退回產品必須是全新狀態且完整包裝(保持產品、附件、包裝、吊牌等等之完整性),否則恕不接受退貨。

e. 我們不接受已使用或損壞的產品退貨。

f. 我們也不會負責在退貨運返途中丟失的產品。

g. 退貨確認無誤後,我們將在 3 -10 個工作天內處理退還原款或替換產品之動作。


3. 輕微缺陷

​a. 次要缺陷如壞掉拉鏈,脫綫等等,一般買方可以修改的,我們將會補償修改費用。

b. 然而我們的宗旨是確保所有商品都是在良好的狀況下發貨。


4. 尺寸服裝

a. 我能能理解關於尺寸的問題,尤其是網上購物的新手。如果您選擇了不合適衣服的尺寸,我們很樂意的提供退換,前提是退回產品必須是全新狀態且完整包裝(保持產品、附件、包裝、吊牌等等之完整性)

b. 由於不同設計師、 製造商和市場之間的差異,所以標準尺碼都不一。故您通常穿的尺寸未必是網購或在實體店鋪選擇服裝大小的標準。

c. 在網上購買服裝,你必須先測量三圍,並與每個款式裏的尺寸表做比較。因此選擇您的尺寸之前,我們建議您先看看您有興趣的款式尺寸表,以確保您能選擇最佳的尺寸。

d. 在網上購買衣服、我們建議是寧大勿小、就是三圍尺寸中盡可能取最大符合標準的型號,因爲如果有需要,您可以根據自己的實際尺寸稍加修改。


6. 換貨通知

a. 所有退貨換貨申請必須通過電子郵件,即收到貨後的 3 天內發郵件或 FB Message 通知,否則申請無效。

b. 在商確後,買家必須在收貨後的 7 天內寄囘,逾期恕不受處理。


d. 一旦我們收到退回的產品後,將在 3 - 10 個工作天內處理。

e. 如果您在特定的時間或節日需要此商品而延誤收到,我們將不負責


7. 聯絡我們

a. 如果由於任何其他原因您仍然不滿意此購買,請在收到您的貨件後 3 天內通過電子郵件聯係我們。

b. 關於投訴或查詢訂單,請勿傳送簡訊SMS,買家可以通過發電子郵件或在辦公時間內通過電話聯繫。


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