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  • Honey Rock Sugar Gula Batu Kuning 石峰糖
  • Packing weight:350gsm±~600gsm
  • Buatan Malaysia
  • Ingredients : Sugar, Baking Soda, Caramel
  • 100% Pure Sarawak White Peppercorn
  • Net weight: 150~500 gm
  • 原产地:砂劳越
  • We also like to cook this type, because it is FRAGRANCE and its texture is amazing!
  • GUARANTEE NEW STOCK!! Only new stock makes you keep without a fridge for around 3months. 
  • 私達は私達の顧客のための最もよいシイタケきのこを選ぶ新しい在庫を保証する!新しい在庫だけで、冷蔵庫を使わずに3ヶ月ほど飼うことができます。
  • 润喉八仙果 Plum 350g~600g Ready To Eat
  • 包装/Packaging 350~600 grams
  • 备注:图片与实物将有少许色差
  • Notice: Photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary due to the natural color.
  • 100g and Value Pack
  • Improves Liver Function
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Reduces Blood Cholesterol Level
  • Cures Digestive and Circulatory Disorders
  • Weight Loss
  • Strengthens the Spleen and leaches out dampness.
  • Removes numbness and stops diarrhea.
  • Clears heat and expels pus.
  • 健脾渗湿,除痹止泻,清热排脓
  • Relief in sore throat
  • Redness in the eyes
  • Itchiness in the eyes
  • Dryness in the eyes
  • Relief in respiratory problems
  • 治疗气虚表卫不固所致自汗,气虚外感诸症。临床上用黄芪、防风、白术
  • 制成玉屏风散,用于治疗表虚自汗且易感风寒者。
  • 肺气虚证。咳喘日久,气短神疲,痰雍于肺无力咯出。常配伍紫菀款冬等,温肺定喘,健肺气之品。脾生痰,肺储痰,所以健太阴以祛痰,本品补气所以尤善治气虚为佳
  • Produced from Gansu, China. Packaged and distributed by XIYAOPENG LLC.
  • 本品为豆科植物蒙古黄芪Astragalus membranaceus(Fisch.)Bge.var.mongholicus(Bge.)Hsiao或膜荚黄芪 Astragalus membranaceus(Fisch.)Bge.的干燥根。春、秋二季采挖,除去须根及根头,晒干。
  • Milkvetch Root is the dried root and rhizome of Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch.) Bge. Var. Mongolic (Bge.) Hsiao or Astragalus membranaceous (Fisch.) Bge. (Fam. Leguminosae). The drug is collected in spring and autumn, removed from rootlet and rootstock, dried in the sun.
  • Premium South Dates 特级南枣3A
  • Keep Cool 需冷藏***【南枣】 “日吃三个枣、一生不易老”
  • 特级南枣的【功效】滋肾养肝、健脑安神、补脾养胃、活血强心、养颜乌发、改善微循环和抗癌保健、润心肺、止咳嗽、补五脉、治虚损之效。
  • [Efficacy] Nourishes the kidney and liver, invigorates the brain and calms the nerves, nourishes the spleen and stomach, promotes blood circulation and strengthens the heart, nourishes the appearance of black hair, improves microcirculation and anti-cancer health care, nourishes the heart and lungs, relieves coughs, nourishes the five veins, and treats weakness Effect.
  • Loaded with antioxidants.

  • May have anti-inflammatory properties.

  • May lower blood pressure.

  • May decrease blood fats.

  • Used to aid digestion.

  • Helps prevent hair loss.

  • May reduce anxiety.

  • Used to treat heart failure.



  • Improves Skin Health

  •    100g and Value Pack Plastic Packaging.

  • Weight Loss

  • Digestion Improvements

  • Relieves Menstrual Discomfort






  • Premium Grade and ready stocks available. Ready stock !!
  • 100% brand new & Good quality direct import from China.
  • 100g value pack available.
  • Immune system booster and disease fighter
  • Help reduces inflammation, help enhance the immune system in cancer patients.
  • Helps to tonify the spleen and increases appetite
  • Helps with constipation due to its good water retention
  • Helps in liver detoxification
  • Helps make the skin look young and hydrated. A beauty enhancer to improve the complexion
  • 食材药材批发Wholesales鲍鱼是四大海味:鲍、参、翅、肚之首。种类甚多,有少部分鲍鱼新鲜急冻,亦有制成罐头,或晒制成干货。头数越少,鲍鱼越大,亦越昂贵
  • Abalone is the first of the four great flavors: abalone, ginseng, fin, and belly. There are many kinds of abalones. A small part of the abalone is fresh and frozen, and some can be canned or dried. The fewer the heads, the bigger and more expensive the abalone
  • Product seperti dalam gambar

  • Bilis kurang masin

  • Saiz bilis halus, boleh dipilih sama ada nak kopek atau tidak

  • Rang up bila digoreng

  • Kualiti terjamin dan 100% segar.

  • Dibungkus bersih dan sentiasa simpan di dalam peti sejuk (Gambar peti sejuk boleh didapati dalam profile page kami)

  • Cadangan dan Tips Peniaga: Bilis sangat sesuai dikisar (blender) untuk makanan bayi

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Premium Grade AAA Chrysanthemum Bud Flower Tea. Ready Stock !!

  • 100% Natural & Brand New.

  • Fresh & Good quality direct import from TongXiang, China.


  • Improve Cardiovascular Health & Eye Health.

  • ​​​​​​​Alleviate Cold Symptoms, Treat Heat Rash.

  • Nourishing Liver and Kidney.

  • Lower blood pressure & cholesterol.



  • 功效 : 健脾开胃, 促进食欲, 清热润肺, 养颜补肾
  • Helps increase appetite. Good for release heat and makes Skin Young & Beauty.
  • 材料:淮山, 磨皮莲子, 芡实, 茯苓
  • 男女老少皆宜, 怀孕妈咪饮用前需要咨询医生以避免影响到宝宝及健康。
  • Avoid during sick, fever, period, pregnancy.
  • 新鲜包装,需冷藏保存。Freshly Packed. Keep Refrigerated