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  • 功效 : 清热去湿,美白消腫,健脾止泻Help flush out toxins from the body, Helps in Digestion Related Problems
  • 材料: 生薏米,熟薏米,燈心花
  • 1.將一包生熟薏米用水冲洗干净后,加入1.5L的清水放入锅。
  • 2.然后加上盖子,用大火煲滾後关小火慢煲1个小时。
  • 3.待薏米水放涼后可隨意加入蜜糖或柠檬片,就可饮用。
  • 1. Rinse all herbs. Pour all the ingredients into the pot.
  • 2. Add around 1.5L water, bring to boil, and then simmer for 1 hour.
  • 3. Add honey or lemon as desired before serve.
  • 男女老少皆宜, 怀孕妈咪饮用前需要咨询医生以避免影响到宝宝及健康。
  • Avoid during sick, fever, period, pregnancy.
  • 需冷藏保存。Keep Refrigerated to maintain Freshness & Quality.
  • Premium Fish Maw Roll 100g (2~3pcs)
  • The effect of Fish Maw: 
  • Nourish kidneys and essence, 
  • Nourish tendons and veins, and
  • Treat kidney deficiency and slippery essence. 
  • Fish Maw is rich in protein and gum, nourishing yin and nourishing the face, 
  • Nourishing blood, nourishing the kidney, and strong function. 
  • The waist and knees are sore and weak, and the most suitable for regular consumption.
  • 备注:图片与实物将有少许色差 Notice: Photos are for illustration purposes only. The actual product may vary due to the natural color
  •  Health benefits -A good source of protein.
  • Contains healthful fats-A good source of dietary fiber.
  • Benefits heart health.
  • Maintaining healthy weight-Managing blood sugar levels.
  • Best Before with 6 months period.
  • Store in a cool dry place with an existing sealable bag (which must be sealed properly) and keep away from children.
  • Effect: scrape oil greasy and beautiful. Poria cocos clear damp and promotes diuresis detumescence on hand, the other party is beautiful skin.
  • 功效:刮油解腻美容美颜,利水渗湿。健脾安心,利水消肿。
  • Digestion and eliminating stomach gas clear fat and relieve constipation, eliminating the body will reduce the burden on the belly.
  • 陈皮和荷叶都是凉性药材,具有清心火、平肝火、泻脾火、降肺火、清热养心、降血压利尿、收敛津液、止痛等作用。止汗、止血、固精。常饮可清肝消火,利水利水!




  • Effect: achieve a beautiful leg through the benefit of water detumescence and adipose decomposition.
  • Tri-herb tea is suitable for office workers and students (sedentary legs accumulate fat and water)
  • 功效:利水消肿,脂肪分解,达到美腿,促进消化,适合久坐腿部脂肪分解,达到去水肿的功效。






  • Lishui and Dampness: It is used for water-dampness syndromes such as edema, dysuria, and discontinuation of drinking;

  • Strengthen the spleen and neutralize the middle: It is used for symptoms such as lack of appetite, diarrhea, and phlegm-drinking caused by deficiency and incontinence of water-dampness;

  • Ning Xin and Anshen: Used for palpitations and insomnia due to insufficient heart and spleen;

  • Wild toad grass has the following 4 ways to eat
  • 1. After washing the fresh toad grass, put it directly into the mouth to chew, swallow the juice slowly, and spit out the scum, which can effectively treat the sore throat.
  • 2. Wash the fresh toad grass and chop it up, then add an appropriate amount of water and flour, stir well, and finally take the pancake while it is still hot. This medicated diet method has a very good effect on throat diseases, especially sore throat, bronchitis and cough. If you have a cough and a sore throat, you can recover after taking it once or twice. If you have bronchitis, it is best for the patient to take it five or six times.
  • 3. Decoct the toad grass and three bowls of water together. After the fire is boiled, simmer for 15 minutes on low heat, and then use it instead of tea. This method has a good effect on coughing, and the effect can be seen after about an hour, and the body can recover after three hours without a rebound.
  • Effect:
  • 1. treat cough
  • 2. treat sore throat
  • 1st Class Customer Service  
  • Delicious and not greasy
  • Seafood Snack
  • Super High-Quality Product
  • Guaranteed freshness
  • Guarantee non-stop eating
  • No added colorings & preservatives
  • Please store it in a cool, clean, dry place or keep it inside the refrigerator to ensure you get the freshness
  • Please consume immediately after opening
  • No flour is added to this product
  • Away from direct sunlight
  • There are 12 pieces in a box, one sticker a day, one sticker for 3-6 hours, you can easily have a small waist and a flat belly, Simple and convenient

  • 【How to use】

  • External use:

  • After cleaning and drying several parts of the paste with warm water, remove the release paper, and apply the paste to the waist, navel, hands, thighs, and calves, once a day, each paste is applied for 3-6 hours and used continuously for more than 3 weeks. Do not use it during menstruation.


  • Activating bloodying collaterals Refreshing Qi
  • Nourishes Liver and Kidney Relieve swelling and relieve pain
  • hypotensive
  • Adjust blood lipids
  • Improve human immune function by activating blood and resolving phlegm Clear blood vessels,        there is a miracle in lowering the third high
  • Natural red and green colour
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavoring & coloring
  • Non-GMO
  • Premium Grade
  • 100% brand new from the place of origin Ningxia, China.
  • Fresh &Good quality.
  • have the highest concentration of protein of any fruit.
  • contains natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial compound.
  • Low in calories, fat-free, a good source of fiber and a high-antioxidant food
  • Improve Immune Function and Fight Cancer
  • Promote Healthy Skin & Protect Eye Health
  • Help Stabilize Blood Sugar & Detoxify the Liver
  • Keep Your Energy and Mood Up
  • can be consumed raw, great snack eaten as is.
  • Can be used for Cooking Porridge, Soup,Dessert, Cereal, Salad, or brew in a tea
  • Honey can promote the normal secretion of gastric acid, as well as enhance intestinal peristalsis, which can significantly shorten the defecation time. It has the effects of moistening the lungs, laxative, invigorating and detoxifying.
  • 5pcs/pack
  • 4 kinds of  rock sugar honey: chrysanthemum, lemon, pear, green tea
  • Sea cucumber is a kind of seafood with high protein, low fat, and low cholesterol.
  • nourish the kidney and essence,
  • nourish blood and moisturize the skin,
  • nourish the skin and anti-aging.
  •  beneficial to the weak.