Dried Seaweed (Seasoning Laver) Donghu Seasoned Seaweed 80g East Lake Swallowtai 东湖燕子尾紫菜
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  • The vegan, high-protein vegetable laver is commonly known as "longevity vegetable"
  • high amounts of protein, iodine, phosphorus, and various vitamins
  • high amounts of protein in natural health foods 
  • 100% Vegetarian、
  • without any cholesterol

The nutritional value of seaweed

Laver, sweet, cold in nature, non-toxic, can be used as medicine, has the effects of resolving phlegm, softening phlegm, clearing heat and distilling water, and nourishing the kidney and heart. Eat more seaweed for the prevention and treatment of gastric ulcers and menopausal symptoms in women. It has a good effect on delaying aging, preventing anemia, preventing skin scaling and itching, preventing tooth decay, treating night blindness, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, and lowering cholesterol. .

1. Laver is rich in nutrients and contains high iodine content. It can be used to treat "goiter" caused by iodine deficiency. Laver has the function of softening and resolving lumps, and it is also useful for other stagnant masses.

2. It is rich in choline, calcium and iron, can enhance memory, treat anemia in women and children, promote the growth and health of bones and teeth; seaweed also contains a certain amount of mannitol, which can be used as an auxiliary food for the treatment of edema during pregnancy.

3. The polysaccharides contained in laver can significantly enhance cellular immunity and humoral immunity, can promote lymphocyte transformation and improve the body's immunity; it can significantly reduce the total content of serum cholesterol.

4. The effective ingredients of laver have an inhibitory rate of 53.2% against Ehrlich cancer, which is helpful for the prevention and treatment of brain tumors, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, malignant lymphoma and other tumors.

5.Clear heart and diuresis,improve immunity,preven tumor.promote development







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1xDried Seaweed (Seasoning Laver) Donghu Seasoned Seaweed 80g/pack